The Process of Professional Asbestos Testing Auckland, Christchurch, Taupo

The Process of Professional Asbestos Testing Auckland, Christchurch, Taupo

Asbestos testing, ideally known as asbestos sampling is the process of taking building materials samples, testing them for asbestos and then giving report. The final report is important to you as the property owner as it helps maintain the inherent value of the building. Asbestos testing Auckland, Christchurch, Taupo services usually involve a lab test so that scientific evidence supports all the statements made in the report.

A sampling can be done on a wall, floor or multiple locations of the building like interior and exterior linings, roof tiles, etc. Generally, it’s more economical to get the testing done throughout the property to an agreed schedule instead of asking for ad hoc tests.

The sampling process often leads to the next phase, which is completing the property owner’s obligations under new regulations which is the asbestos management plan. This calls for your participation in recommending a remediation timeframe without putting human safety at risk.

Asbestos Testing Auckland, Christchurch, Taupo Cost

Jim’s Building Inspections have found that most property owners agree with the need to make their homes safe from asbestos. However, they also need to know the cost of the process.

Professionals in this field know that very few can afford instant and complete replacement of asbestos materials if they exist and usually, there’s no need to such quick and expensive replacement.

So, Jim’s Building Inspections has the following approach:

They can provide a non-binding array of cost estimates by email or telephone once they have acquired some details of the building including:

-Approximate age of the building
-The building’s size
-Structural information like the type of roof, interior linings and exterior cladding.

If you wish to discuss further, the company, upon invitation, will provide a contractual quote, which will be the basis of the service.

Sometimes, Jim’s Building Inspections won’t be able to provide a quote to the final dollar as further knowledge can only be garnered while the personnel are on site. However, as professionals, they make the facets of uncertainty pretty clear before work begins. This gives you a say on how everything is handled.

Building Sections That Asbestos Testing Auckland, Christchurch, Taupo Services Can Cover

It’s best to assume a thorough inspection of the property, from top to bottom. Areas to be covered include:

-Roofing materials
-Exterior cladding
-Spouting and downpipes
-Wall insulation
-Interior wall linings and ceiling
-Floors and floor coverings
-Joinery (doors and windows)
-Footings and foundations
-Plumbing and electrical coverings
-Bathroom and kitchen cabinets

Some of the listed sections are easy to eliminate as there materials that obviously don’t contain asbestos.

In bigger offices, warehouses, public service buildings and factories, this list is ideally a logical place to start. However, the scale is bigger, and other materials may need assessment.

Essential Questions to Ask Before Getting Asbestos Testing Auckland, Christchurch, Taupo

Jim’s Building Inspections recommends property owners to ask the following questions before availing of asbestos testing and removal services.

-Was the building built before 1990?

-If renovation is about to be done, is asbestos location already known and recorded?

So there you have it, some essential information regarding asbestos testing services.

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